School Walk is an engagement process that helps neighbourhoods promote and increase walking and wheeling to school. Developed by Civicplan on the award-winning engagement platform, PlanLocal, School Walk helps develop a picture of how a neighbourhood currently walks to school, then turns the knowledge into actions to help communities get active.

The process involves 4 stages:

1. ASK a school how they walk or wheel to school

Parents and children at the school fill out a survey about their current walking and wheeling to school habits as well as drawing their route to school on a map.

2. ANALYZE the results

The results of the survey are analyzed to better understand the walk and wheel school environment including producing a heatmap uncovering the most popular routes to school.

3. AUDIT the routes

Once the most popular routes and pinch points are identified, an on-the-street audit can be designed to help confirm locations in need of further investigation and potential infrastructure improvements.

4. ASSIST parents and students with walk and wheel tools

With the knowledge gained from the survey and audits, digital tools and a take home map can be produced to assist parents and students with ideas about walking and wheeling to school.

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